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Young Living is committed to making a difference.
Young Living's Vision. To bring Young Living Essential Oils to every home in the world
Young Living is a purpose-driven company. At our 2014 International Grand Convention, founder D. Gary Young said, “I never create a product for a profit. I do it for a purpose.” At every level of the company, Young Living is committed to making a difference.
How do we give back? We give back on a global scale through the Young Living Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Young Living covers all administrative costs of the foundation, so 100 percent of every single tax-deductible donation goes directly to our carefully selected projects and partnerships.
Young Living’s vision has long been to bring pure essential oils to every home in the world. The Young Living Foundation is proud to help fulfill this vision throughout the developing world in several ways, including:
Donating products to Young Living members holding fundraisers, events to raise awareness, and overseas missions
Sponsoring auctions, events, and fundraisers hosted by members
Donating to domestic and global organizations
Partnering with non-profit organizations from Croatia to Uganda
Running the foundation’s flagship project, the Young Living Academy in Chongon, Ecuador
The Young Living Foundation currently runs five major projects worldwide. In addition to more than 100 projects and partnerships to which the foundation donates in the United States.
Young Living Essential Oils covers all administrative costs of the foundation. 100% of every single donation to the Young Living Foundation goes directly to projects and partnerships

Ecuador Earthquake Relief

The Young Living Foundation stands united with Ecuador following a powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake on April 16. The death toll continues to rise, and many in the hardest hit areas have lost everything. Survivors are curled up on mattresses or blankets next to flattened homes and buildings, while rescue workers continue to search for survivors.

We are committed to help and will begin by sending emergency supplies, including Young Living essential oils, and a relief team to towns near the epicenter of the earthquake, where people have received little to no aid and are not easily accessible.

We will continue to provide ongoing support by providing supplies and resources as the country recovers and rebuilds.

Rebuild Nepal

It has been almost a year since earthquakes in Nepal claimed nearly 9,000 lives and destroyed more than 900,000 homes, tragically leaving millions without a roof over their heads. Many victims are struggling to survive as sub-zero temperatures and heavy rains render their makeshift shelters painfully inadequate.

On a recent trip to Nepal, Young Living Founder D. Gary Young experienced the desperate need to rebuild homes and immediately put a plan into action. The Young Living Foundation has purchased brick-making equipment to rebuild the first village near the epicenter and then move into more remote areas.

Read Gary’s personal account of his visit to Nepal and learn how you can get involved to be a part of this exciting history-making event in Young Living.

Young Living Academy Ecuador

Young Living Academy started in 2009 in Chongon, Ecuador, home to our "Sponsor a child" program. The Young Living Academy began with 83 students and now holds 297 children in grades K-12.
In addition to a top-quality curriculum, the academy allows students to become involved in:
Music classes
Drama and dance clubs
Soccer, baseball, and volleyball clubs
Computer and English classes
Hands-on agricultural education and experiences
Young Living Academy Ecuador

Maestral Orphanage Croatia

In 2014 the foundation partnered with the Maestral Orphanage in Split, Croatia. Providing support to children and young adults who have been removed from their families due to neglect, abuse, or other issues, it is currently the only orphanage of its kind in the area.
Maestral simulates the model of a family setting, with five children to one staff member per apartment.
Maestral encourages confidence, success, and personal empowerment by nurturing and caring for children on an individual level.
Maestral Orphanage Croatia

Sole Hope

Sole Hope exists to offer hope, healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education, employment, and medical relief. By not wearing closed-toed shoes, Ugandan children and adults are susceptible to illnesses caused by a parasite called jiggers, which typically enter the body through the feet.
What are jiggers? Jiggers are small, parasitic sand fleas that burrow into bare feet, causing infection, gangrene, paralysis, occasionally amputation, and even death. Thousands of Ugandan children live without adequate protective footwear and misconceptions about the cause of jiggers.
Sole Hope employs medical personnel to remove jiggers from those affected. Once treated, Sole Hope provides individuals and their families with:
Through educational efforts, Sole Hope works to reduce the negative stigma associated with jigger infection and to teach children and caretakers how to remove and prevent such infections.
Sole Hope supports local communities by employing local shoemakers and training them in innovative shoemaking techniques for making durable, protective shoes for the community.
Ongoing support
After health assessments and recovery, Sole Hope returns the individual to his or her village with a new bed, after having sanitized the area.
***The foundation traveled to Uganda shortly after Young Living’s 2015 International Grand Convention to allocate the funds raised by generous Young Living members during the event. A portion of these funds were donated to Sole Hope. With this donation, the foundation was able to purchase land and draft contracts to build Sole Hope a new outreach home and clinic.
Sole Hope

African Hearts Community Organization

African Hearts is a rescue program for children living in the slums and streets of Kampala, Uganda. Either orphaned or abandoned by their parents due to poverty, these children are without food, shelter, and have very little clothing.
Lutaaya Abdul grew up in these slums. After watching multiple young friends die amid the horrific conditions, he felt a need to make a change. Lutaaya established African Hearts to bring other children out of the slums and into transitional homes where they receive food, shelter, and social services, as well as a quality education through the African Hearts junior school.
With funds raised at Young Living’s 2015 International Grand Convention, the Young Living Foundation was able to purchase land and begin building a new African Hearts school building for 200 children ages 3–5! The foundation was also able to double the impact of the African Hearts slum program, increasing school day frequency from three to five days per week, as well as allowing the transitional home to double the number of occupants from 15 to 30.
African Hearts

Healing Faith Uganda

Healing Faith Uganda provides malaria education, prevention, and treatment to rural Ugandan villages.
Through Healing Faith Uganda, a single donation of just $5 provides a mosquito net that can protect up to three children from malaria.
With funds raised at Young Living’s 2015 International Grand Convention, the Young Living Foundation was able to purchase more than 4,000 mosquito nets for Healing Faith Uganda. Several Young Living members joined the foundation on this trip, hanging a total of 26 nets, or one on every bed throughout the entire village of Wasaki!
Healing Faith Uganda
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Click Here for information on hosting a Sole Hope shoe-cutting party.
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